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Interior PANIC Doors
Introducing our innovative product: interior panic exit doors based on the D40 system.

Designed for swift evacuation, our panic exit doors ensure reliability and safety in any situation. Whether it's a sudden emergency or a planned evacuation, our panic exit doors deliver efficiency and dependability.

The "panic exit" system comprises several interdependent devices that aid in swiftly exiting a building or space during adverse conditions through evacuation exits. With it, opening the doors becomes feasible for the elderly, children, without a key, and with no special skills required.
The panic exit handle quickly activates and releases the exit. Additionally, doors equipped with this system can be unlocked even with occupied hands.

Engineered to meet the highest safety standards, these doors are an integral component of any building, offering peace of mind in hazardous situations.

Be the forefront of safety with our panic exit doors.
Interior Panic Doors are used in commercial and public spaces.

The doors are installed in wall openings made of drywall, wooden frames, standard walls, or in interior partitions, storefronts.
**PanicDoors Hardware**

When we lock the doors from the outside, they cannot be opened from the exterior. However, from the inside, they can be opened using the long push bar handle. Once the doors are closed again, they cannot be opened from the outside without a key.
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The hardware on Panic Doors for emergency exits ensures quick and easy door opening in case of an emergency. The main components of such hardware include:

Panic Bars (Push Bars): These are horizontal handles installed on the inside of the door. When pressed, the door opens easily. Panic bars are usually positioned at a height convenient for users.

Automatic Locks: These are integrated with panic bars and allow the door to open immediately when pressed. Automatic locks typically have a locking function when the door is closed, ensuring safety after evacuation.

Anti-Panic Handles: These are special handles that allow the door to be opened with minimal effort, which is especially important during evacuation.

The hardware on Panic Doors ensures a quick and safe exit from the premises in case of an emergency, allowing a large number of people to use the door simultaneously for evacuation.
Panic Doors are custom-made to your specifications, including size, color, and glass choice. We can use 1/4 or 5/16 glass or insulated glass. Each Panic Door project is tailored to your needs. The doors can be single-panel or double-door. With double-doors, both panels are active and open using the Panic Door system, providing a wider opening for evacuation.
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