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Interior Bi-fold Doors: The Accordion Solution for Space Management in Offices and Homes

Bi-fold doors, also known as accordion doors, are a versatile and stylish solution for managing space in both offices and home interiors. Comprising two or more panels connected by hinges, bi-fold doors fold neatly to one side, offering a practical and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional hinged doors.

Key Features of Bi-fold Doors:
Space-Saving Design: Bi-fold doors fold accordion-style, allowing for significant space savings. This makes them an ideal choice for areas where space is at a premium.

Ease of Use:
Equipped with special tracks and hardware, bi-fold doors glide smoothly, ensuring effortless opening and closing.

Versatile Applications:
These doors are suitable for a variety of settings, including offices, living rooms, closets, and even as partitions between indoor and outdoor spaces like patios.
Types of Bi- fold Door Opening

Bi-fold doors, commonly referred to as accordion doors, offer various opening to suit different needs and preferences. These doors hang from a top and bottom track use rollers to slide along the track. The threshold can be recessed to be flush with the floor.
Bi-FOLDING Doors TG-40 Series
Glass Options for Interior Bifold Doors
In our interior bifold doors, we offer the following glass thicknesses:
- 1/4 inch
- 3/8 inch
- Double Glass
- Insulated Glass

Glass Types:
- Clear Glass
- Acid-Etched Glass
- Low Iron Glass

Glass Colors:
- Bronze
- Black

Our range of options allows you to customize your bifold doors to perfectly match your interior design preferences.
Wood Grain Finishes
Custom color for aluminum profile
Frame finished:
Our bifold doors are also available with opaque panels made from High-Pressure Laminate (HPL). These panels provide a stylish and durable alternative to traditional glass, perfect for spaces where privacy or a unique design is desired.

- High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) Panels
- Opaque Finish for Privacy
- Durable and Easy to Maintain

Our HPL panel options offer a contemporary look and come in a variety of colors and textures to suit any interior design.
Bi-fold Doors with Opaque HPL Panels
Popular HPL panels used for Bi-Folding Doors