Aluminum U-CHANNEL profile 1 x 1 (black)

Model # B03 017
Length: 9 ft  10 in. (3m)
Length: 19 ft  8 in. (6m)
Height: 1 in.(25mm)
Width: 1  in.(25mm)
Thickness: 1/16 (2mm)
Color: Black matte (RAL 9005)
Color: Clear anodized (Silver)
Material: Aluminum
Use Monolithic Tempered Glass
You can use with glass: 3/8 – 1/2
Typically Used at the Bottom of Glass Panels
These U-Channels provide the most economical way to glaze heavy glass. Using the 1-1/2” U-Channel on the top and 1″ U-Channel on the bottom allows for the ‘lift and drop’ method of glazing. The glass can be secured with silicone sealant or roll-in glazing gaskets.
Can be used almost anywhere you can imagine a need for them. These extrusions are extremely versatile and are used for both commercial and residential applications. The wide range of styles and types to choose from will solve almost any project dilemma while performing their structural functions.
This Single Channel is generally considered to be a universal extrusion used for edging panels and numerous other applications.