Aluminum Baseboard LED Hidden installation IDC - 3905

Aluminum Baseboard LED Hidden installation
Model # IDC - 3905
Length: 8’ 2 -1/2” ( 2,5m)
Height: 3 - 1/8’’ (80mm)
Color: Clear Anodized (Silver)
Material: Aluminum  
Feasible for LED illumination

About This Product
Model IDC - 3905 is an aluminum baseboard, designed to protect and decorate the bottom or the top of any kind of walls. Thanks to its geometry, the profile protects the bottom edge of the wall, generating an innovative hollow effect like if the wall was suspended in the air. Its simple lines, finished with a small curve, create a smooth surface that avoids the accumulation of dirtiness and makes easy the cleaning. Optionally a LED strip can be installed in the interior hollow (not included), providing the profile with a double functionality and a high decorative value. Its installation must lie flush with the wall, therefore it is recommended for installations where a perimetral joint is not required.